Oremus for Tuesday, October 6, 2020

William Tyndale Born in Gloucestershire in about the year 1494, William Tyndale studied first at Magdalen Hall, Oxford, and then at Cambridge. He became determined to translate the Scriptures from the Greek directly into contemporary English but was thwarted in this by the Bishop of London. So William settled in Hamburg in 1524, never returningContinue reading “Oremus for Tuesday, October 6, 2020”

Oremus for Sunday, October 4, 2020

For another form of worship in the home based on today’s lessons in the Revised Common Lectionary, go to https://blogs.elca.org/worship/2829/ Antiphon1 Ant. My soul aspires after your salvation; * I hope in your word; when will you judge those who persecute me? The wicked are persecuting me; come to my assistance, O Lord my God.V.Continue reading “Oremus for Sunday, October 4, 2020”

Oremus for Saturday, October 3, 2020

Antiphon1 Ant. Render secure my footsteps in your paths * so that my feet do not slip; incline your ear and hear my words;display your wonderful mercies, O Lord, Savior of those who place their hope in you.V. O Lord, hear a cause that is just; *pay heed to my cry.Turn your ear to myContinue reading “Oremus for Saturday, October 3, 2020”

Oremus for Friday, October 2, 2020

Antiphon1 Ant. Behold, the Sovereign Lord is coming; kingship, government and power are in his hands.V. O God, give your judgment to the king, *to a king’s son your justice,that he may judge your people in justice, *and your poor in right judgment. cf. Malachi 3; cf. 1 Chronicles 29; Psalm 72 Almighty God,to whomContinue reading “Oremus for Friday, October 2, 2020”

Oremus for Thursday, October 1, 2020

Starting today, we will begin using the lessons appointed in W. Douglas Mills’ A Daily Lectionary, published in 1985 to accompany the Common Lectionary (the predecessor to the RCL). I’ve long had a copy in my possession and thought it a fine work; the changes to the RCL made it obsolete for many, but itContinue reading “Oremus for Thursday, October 1, 2020”

Oremus for Wednesday, September 30, 2020

St JeromeJerome was born at Strido near Aquileia on the Adriatic coast of Dalmatia, in about the year 342. He studied at Rome, where he was baptised. He tried the life of a monk for a time, but unsuccessfully. Following a dream in which he stood before the judgement seat of God and was condemnedContinue reading “Oremus for Wednesday, September 30, 2020”

Oremus for Tuesday, September 29, 2020

St Michael and All AngelsMichael, Gabriel and Raphael are the three named biblical angels, depicted as the belovèd messengers of God. Michael, which means ‘who is like God?’, is described as protector of Israel and leader of the armies of God and is perhaps best known as the slayer of the dragon in the RevelationContinue reading “Oremus for Tuesday, September 29, 2020”