Oremus for Monday, April 11, 2022

Antiphon https://tinyurl.com/4xhpruzx Remember your word to your servant, O Lord,by which you have given me hope.This is my comfort when I am brought low. Psalm 119 Eternal God, our judge and redeemer,we confess that we have tried to hide from you,for we have done wrong.We have lived for ourselves,and apart from you.We have turned fromContinue reading “Oremus for Monday, April 11, 2022”

Oremus for Sunday, April 10, 2022

Antiphon1 Ant. Hosanna to the Son of David, the King of Israel.Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.Hosanna in the highest.V. Give praise to the Lord, for he is good; *his mercy endures forever. Matthew 21; Psalm 118 Merciful God,as we enter Holy Week and gather at your house of prayer,turn our hearts againContinue reading “Oremus for Sunday, April 10, 2022”

Oremus for Saturday, April 9, 2022

Dietrich BonhoefferFrom the first days of the Nazi accession to power in 1933, Bonhoeffer was involved in protests against the regime. From 1933 to 1935 he was the pastor of two small congregations in London, but nonetheless was a leading spokesman for the Confessing Church, the center of Protestant resistance to the Nazis. In 1935Continue reading “Oremus for Saturday, April 9, 2022”

Oremus for Friday, April 8, 2022

William LawBorn at Kings Cliffe in Northamptonshire in 1686, William Law was educated at Emmanuel College Cambridge and, after ordination as a deacon, became a fellow of the College in 1711. When George I came to the throne in 1714, William declined to take the Oath of Allegiance, being a member of the Non-Juror party who believedContinue reading “Oremus for Friday, April 8, 2022”

Oremus for Thursday, April 7, 2022

Martyrs of RwandaIn a time span of one hundred days, between April and July 1994, Rwanda’s political arena imploded. The country collapsed into chaos, and violence escalated into the genocide of one million people among members of the Tutsi ethnic group and moderate components of the Hutu ethnic majority in the country. The genocide occurredContinue reading “Oremus for Thursday, April 7, 2022”

Oremus for Wednesday, April 6, 2022

TikhonVasily Ivanovich Belavin (Tikhon’s given name) was born January 19, 1865. He grew up in a rural area among peasants in a village where his father was a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church. Even as a child, he loved religion, and by age thirteen began his seminary training, where his classmates nicknamed him “Patriarch.”Continue reading “Oremus for Wednesday, April 6, 2022”

Oremus for Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Pandita Mary RamabaiPandita Rambai (1858-1922) faced most of the obstacles a woman could encounter in the India of her lifetime. She was denied access to formal education and was ostracized from society as first an orphan and then a widow. She experienced first-hand the effects of India’s rigid caste system that placed discriminatory walls betweenContinue reading “Oremus for Tuesday, April 5, 2022”

Oremus for Monday, April 4, 2022

Martin Luther King, Jr.Martin Luther King, Jr. was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta. As the son and grandson of Baptist preachers, he was steeped in the Black Church tradition. In 1954, King became pastor of a church in Montgomery, Alabama. There, Black indignation at inhumane treatment on segregated buses culminated in December, 1955,Continue reading “Oremus for Monday, April 4, 2022”

Oremus for Sunday, April 3, 2022

Antiphon1 Ant. If a man would serve me, let him follow me;wherever I am, my servant will be there too.V. O Lord, hear a cause that is just; *pay heed to my cry.Turn your ear to my prayer: *no deceit is on my lips.From you may my justice come forth. *Your eyes discern what is upright. John 12;Continue reading “Oremus for Sunday, April 3, 2022”

Oremus for Saturday, April 2, 2022

Antiphon https://tinyurl.com/bdcp49d5 Jerusalem is built as a city bonded as one together.It is there that the tribes go up, the tribes of the Lord,to praise the name of the Lord. Psalm 123 God of mercy,you sent Jesus Christ to seek and save the lost.We confess that we have strayed from youand turned aside from yourContinue reading “Oremus for Saturday, April 2, 2022”